Our Goal

Samantha’s Child Care and Kindergarten in Camberwell is staffed by a team of dedicated early childhood professionals. Each room is led by a qualified room leader who is responsible for the development of the Early Learning Program. Supportive assistants work closely with the room leader to ensure  the children are cared for in an individual manner.  Professional development is a crucial part of our commitment to high standards of care. Staff participate in regular staff meetings, workshops and in-service training to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care that is a child’s right – stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that will foster all aspects of early childhood development.  We believe that each child is a unique person with their own experiences, interests and potential. In the early years, children learn through participation in play, modelling and imagination.  At the centre we aim to extend a child’s inquisitive nature by providing an inviting, engaging environment with a happy, safe and warm atmosphere.  By fostering social, cognitive, creative development with emotional security, we develop a strong sense of self worth and  groom each child for their school years.

Samanthas Child Care Centre in Camberwell

Our Centre Philosophy

“Samantha’s Child Care and Kindergarten in Camberwell is committed to each individual child in a nurturing way, enabling them to develop with varied learning and fun in a stimulating and supportive environment. Open communication between management, staff and families is continually encouraged for a shared vision.”


Our centre creates a fun and inviting indoor/outdoor learning environment which promotes and inspires children to explore and further develop their learning.

Our program promotes various sustainability practices and stimulates imagination through the use of natural and recycled materials. We believe children should be connected to a wider community and environment and it is our vision to promote this through embracing family and community input.


Our mission as a centre is to help children to become:

  • confident
  • involved
  • engaged
  • creative
  • imaginative
  • independent
  • co-operative
  • team players
  • resilient
  • caring
  • enthusiastic
  • effective communicators
  • connected
  • respectful